Forever Young Barbie 57 Year Old Super Icon

A Barbie doll modeling on Chinese actress Fan Bingbing. [Photo/ Ever since she was born, Barbie's looks have changed with the winds of fashion. She has been elegant and wild, serious and bohemian, and been available in every skin tone. Even as the famous beauties over the ages have withered and aged, Barbie remains forever young, and is still a super icon in her 57th year.
Barbies from 1959-1967. [File Photo], Barbie had round shaped eyeliner and her hair was in a Quiff style. The Quiff style was very popular in the 1950s in the US with thick and curled bangs.
Barbies from 1968-1976. [File Photo]: Barbie started to have straight hair and round eyes, and these two features greatly softened her air.
Barbie from 1977-1985. [File Photo]: Barbie shook off her arrogant and cold looks and became gentle and amiable with a constant smile. Long and curled eyelashes further sweetened Barbie during this time.
Barbie from 1986-1994. [File Photo]: Barbie wore an extravagant look in this period with sparkling blue eyes, fluorescent pink or purple eye shadow and extremely long eyelashes
Barbie from 1995-2003. [File Photo]: After a series of changes, Barbie came to have a stable look and style. Big oval eyes, high nose bridge and pink lips became part of her iconic look.
Barbie from 2004-2012. [File Photo]: Greater emphasis was given to Barbie's long eyelashes and various eye shadows. She wore more kinds of eye make-up than before and even tried smoky eyes in 2011.
Barbie from 2013-2015. [File Photo]: In recent years, Barbie still keeps abreast with fashion and changed the color of her hair through highlights. And she no longer has the standard Caucasian face, but is more like a lady of mixed race. Her eyebrows are also wider and thicker than before.
Chinese actress Fan Bingbing holds a doll at a ceremony marking the launch of the Fan Bingbing Celebrity Specialty Doll in Shanghai, China, on May 31, 2014. [File photo]: Fan Bingbing is the first Chinese actress who was invited to join the Barbie global celebrity Hall of Fame. The doll in the image of Bingbing wears a yellow dragon-printed dress that was inspired by the robe she used to wear at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010.  Source: