Famous Old Faces of Doordarshan

Pratima Puri. Believed to be the first Doordarshan reader.
Gopal Kaul with Raj Kapoor.
Easiest face to recall. Salma Sultan [Previous post]
Kamleshwar. Writer.
Melville De Mello
Rini Khanna (?) Mukta, used to cover program weekly letter and response based program Aap aur Hum. (thanks to anony tipoff, check the comments)
Minu Talwar
Another one of Minu Talwar
Sudha Chopra. Also appeared in a couple of films.
Jyotsana Rai
One more of Jyotsana Rai
Another one of Jyotsana Rai
Manoj Raghuvanshi
Veena Mishra (updated based on comment)
Arshiya Bawa
Vinod Dua. Another famous face. Later moved to NDTV.
K.K. Raina.
Nalini Singh Harsaran Bir Kaur (?)
Narotam Puri, used to cover sports
Mukta Shrivastav
Gitanjali Ayyar
Gitanjali Iyer in print ad for Solidaire Tv. 1988. The Indian Express. (for reference check comments)
Kaveri Mukherjee
Shobhana Jagdish
Rama Pandey
Avinash Kaur Sarin
Baritone Tejeshwar Singh
Gerson Da Cunha
Glamorous Komal G. B. Singh. Last famous appearance - at the start of year 2010 in a televison ad for e-bay with Narrotam Puri.
Still with DD
Dolly Thakore interviewing Hema Malini in a phone-in program. : Trivia: Indira Gandhi's defeat in 1977 election and Janta Party's win was announced on Doordarshan by newsreader Dolly Thakore. It is said that she, characteristically of a Doordarshan reader, was smiling. 
Jayanthi Natarajan interviewing General Cariappa. She started her career at Doordarshan Madras. She went on to join politics.
Shobhna Ravi
Sashi Kumar interviewing Kamal Hassan. Sashi Kumar. Started at madras station of Doordarshan and later among other things went on to launch Asiannet, India's first regional satellite channel.
Bhakti Barve, theater artist and film actor, started her career at Bombay station of Doordarshan.
Smita Patil started at Bombay station of Doordarshan as a reader.
Luku Sanyal, daughter of actor Pahari Sanyal, the first face of English news in Mumbai, with 'The News'.
Prannoy Roy hosting 'The week that was'The World This Week.
Suneet Tandon
N. Vishwanathan, from Calcutta Doordarshan. Acted in Satyajit Ray's Kanchenjunga (1962)
Sarla Maheshwari
Neethi Ravindran
Shobhana Jagdish
Ved Prakash
Syed Shabir Ahmed. Urdu voice at the Srinagar Station. Later also worked at Calcutta station.: it was an added delight to see Doordarshan Kashmir make a special appearance in the Documentary.
Naseem Khan joined Doordarshan Srinagar in 1973.
Crew of Doordarshan Kashmir