Sachin Tendulkar's Love For Cars

Sachin Tendulkar’s love for cars is well known and the Indian batting star boasts of a garage filled with the best cars offered by luxury and sports car makers, from Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari to Porsche and BMW.The Little Master first fell in love with cars at a drive-in theatre located near his home, where he could see cars of
Sachin Tendulkar bought his Nissan GT-R, air-freighted from Japan. The car has a tremendous speed of 300 km/hour. It delivers an engine output of 6,400rpm with maximum torque of 612N m from 3,200 to 6,000 rpm. 
all makes and sizes. “I kind of liked that setting because it was the only place where one could watch the movie without leaving your car,” Tendulkar was quoted saying in Cartradeindia.Talking about his first set of wheels, he said: “My first car was a Maruti 800 - the old-shape one. Of course, I don’t have it now.” In 2002, FIAT
Sachin Tendulkar owns a Mercedes Benz C36 which boasts its 4 valves/cylinder, inline six engine, 276 horsepower at 5750 rpm and 284 lb-ft of torque. This car is a perfect blend of features which makes it worth including in the Sachin Tendulkar's car collection.
awarded a Ferrari 360 Modena to Sachin when he equalled Don Bradman's record f 29 centuries in Test cricket. F1 racing legend Michael Schumacher himself handed over the keys of the car to Sachin.“I’d love to drive the 360 Modena with that Formula 1-style gearbox,” Tendulkar had confessed. The self-confessed car enthusiast owns a Palio, a hatchback offered by Fiat. Sachin had signed the limited edition version of Palio
Sachin Tendulkar owns a Porsche Boxster. This car features a 6-cylinder horizontally opposed aluminum alloy engine, with displacement: 2.9 liters. It has a maximum power of 188 KW. It possess a vintage car collection is its safety and awesome interiors.
S10, which was launched by Ferrari. After selling his Ferrari Modena, Sachin Tendulkar bought a shiny new Nissan GT-R in July 2011 at a hefty price tag of Rs. 2.5 crores. Tendulkar was associated with i1 Super Series, an Asian car racing event. It was rumoured that he, along
Surat businessman buys Sachin's red Ferrari
with his Team India teammate Yuvraj Singh, were approached to buy teams in the event, though nothing materialised. Source: Article, When Sachin Tendulkar bought a second-hand BMW: One of the richest cricketers of the world at the moment, Sachin Tendulkar today revisited the time when the not-so-well-off batsman managed to buy his favourite luxury car, albeit a second-hand one.Known for his passion for cars,
Tendulkar in 1993 bought a BMW at the age 20, four years into his international career. "I have always been a BMW fan but the real association with it started when I was 14. One of the first BMWs that I drove and owned was in 1993. My pockets were not so deep back then so I had to opt for a second-hand BMW and it was a joy to drive that car," Tendulkar said at the launch of a new
Cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar and his connection with BMW: According to reports, the Master Blaster owns the X5, E60 M5 and 7 Series models from the Bavarian based car manufacturer. BMW, on its part, has made full use of the popularity of Tendulkar to promote its vehicles. The former Mumbai Indians skipper was a part of the commercial launched by the company to promote the 1 Series model, wherein he appeared alongside Armaan Ebrahim, the country's young racing talent. According to reports, Tendulkar, apart from BMW, owned a number of cars like Mercedes-Benz R129 SL600, Volvo S80, Ferrari Modena 360 (sold now), Nissan GTR and Audi Q7. Source: Clip
series of the iconic German car. According to international magazine 'Forbes', the 39-year-old earned USD 18.6 million last year, and a vast majority of Tendulkar's earnings came from sponsorship deals. The legend currently has 16 sponsors, including global brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Castrol and Toshiba, and they pay a total of USD 16.5 million for his services. "I drove that car for a few years and moved on to better BMWs like the X5 and M5," India's run machine said. Tendulkar, one of the first few people to test drive the German luxury car maker's new launch in London this month, said he enjoys being in the driver's seat. "To be honest, I prefer driving. My driver normally gets to sit at the back. There are occasions when I am travelling with my family, then I sit at the back," he said. © PTI. Source: Article. Sachin Tendulkar meets Michael Schumacher at
Sachin met Michael Schumacher at the MercedesGP Petronas Team Building Area
Mercedes GP Petronas Team Building Area: waves cheq uered flag: It was none other than India's favorite sportsman, Sachin Tendulkar who was given the honor of waiving the checkered flag at the end of the great Indian Grand Prix to signal Vettel's win. An F1 fan himself, Tendulkar arrived at the Buddh International Circuit along with this wife and daughter and met Bernie Ecclestone at the area where the two spoke for half an hour. He then went on to meet, Michael Schumacher at the MercedesGP Petronas Team Building Area where he
also exchanged a few words  with team principal Ross Brawn. After introducing his wife and daughter to the German racer, Tendulkar also met Nico Rosberg and then moved on to the VIP area. Besides Tendulkar, there were a host of other celebrities at the venue. Cricketers and film stars were among the guests. M S Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, V V S Laxman were present while Sania Mirza, Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishekh Bachchan were also present. Sachin Tendulkar later went on to wave the checkered flag to signal Sebastian Vettel as the winner of the first ever Grand Prix in India. Source: Article. Sachin Tendulkar turns 40, is as passionate about cars
as cricket: Cricket’s greatest living batsman, Sachin Tendulkar, satisfied his passion for fast cars recently by piloting Caterham’s most extreme seven he leading century-maker and run-scorer in Test and One-Day International cricket displayed an aptitude for a very different discipline, scorching around a test track in Caterham’s top-of-the-rang...e Superlight R500. With
BMW 7 Series facelift unveiled by Sachin Tendulkar in Jodhpur, Image Credit: Rushlane
520bhp-per-tonne at his disposal, transmitted through Caterham’s world-renowned chassis, India’s cricketing legend quickly found his rhythm, feeling just as at home in the Seven as he does when positioned in front of the stumps, walloping 90mph balls into the stands. On hearing what he would be driving, Sachin exclaimed: “Wow, I can’t wait, it does a 2.9 0-60mph acceleration time. “I can’t believe the acceleration; it’s scary even in a straight line, and it handles brilliantly, just like a go-kart,” exclaimed Sachin after piloting the Caterham. Andy Noble, Sales & Marketing Director at Caterham Cars said: “When we heard Mr Tendulkar was keen to drive the R500, we naturally jumped at the chance, to show off our quickest production model. We were delighted to hear how much fun he had driving the R500 and that he was able to experience something very unique and different. “With a nickname like ‘Little Master’, it’s no wonder Sachin and the Seven were a good match.” Sachin’s day in the R500 was organised by Autocar India magazine and coincided with his family holiday in London before a busy season of cricket. Knowing how much Sachin enjoys his motor vehicles, the magazine invited the sporting superstar to track test three vehicles of his choosing at a location in Surrey. Source: